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The animation to the right demonstrates what you can put into a 10' x 15' unit. The contents are as follows:

  • 7' sofa stood on end to save space. Sofa cover available in our store.

  • Refridgerator (leave doors open to prevent mold from growing).

  • Bookcase.

  • Two large boxes (24" x 18" x 18") stacked together. Available in our store.

  • Wardrobe box (24" x 18" x 46") stacked on top of large boxes. Available in our store.

  • Microwave/TV/Computer box (24" x 24" x 24"). Available in our store.

  • Dish Pack box (18" x 18" x 28") stacked on top of microwave box. Available in our store.

  • Two medium boxes (18" x 18" x 16") stacked together. Available in our store.

As you can see there is still plenty of room for a couple of beds, the dining room table and chairs, more boxes, washer/dryer, etc. Moving, packing and storing supplies are available in our store.

Typically a 3 bedroom house can fit into a 10' x 15' unit. If your 3 bedroom house is bigger than the average, you may have to move into a 10' x 20'.

What Can I Store In A 10' x 15' Unit?

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